Lactic cultures


Cheese-Tek (27)

Yoghurt-Tek (10)

Pro-Tek (10)

Aroma-Tek (8)

Texture-Tek (6)

Vivi-Tek (11)

Meatferm (6)

Lactic coagulation ferment (1)

The milk industry
in Canada…

As one of the largest dairy producers in the world, Canada is a major player in the sector internationally. The food industry is certainly a buoyant sector, but many challenges arise for professionals in the field who increasingly want to improve the quality of their products in the face of ever more reluctant and capricious consumers.

In this case, it is impossible for milk producers and processors to do without food ingredients such as lactic cultures and LACTOFERM ferments, the very ones that give the consistency, taste and flavor that consumers are looking for.

At Mayfus you will find a wide range of LACTOFERM freeze-dried lactic cultures for your dairy products.